Friday, July 18, 2014

Radiotherapy week7#

Such a long journey it was, my 5th-6th week of radiotheraphy. Loosing the sense of taste, having double jetlag, passing unpredictable new year eve in Bangkok Airport, taking my first A380 would be my own unforgettable experiences during the radiotheraphy. Since the first day of the 7th week, some questions totally filled my mind:
  • why didn't finish the treatment first, and then went to my country?;
  • why did I make the professional affair as my priority at the time instead of my health?;

For sure, I ever thought that I will not waste money if I didn't do such journey. I was also afraid with the bad effects that might be appear if I pause the treatment. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining. Thanks God, now I have a position as a lecturer at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia in the field of chemistry and I don't find any health problems after the treatments.

As the previous weeks, I started the week by weighing my weight. Surprisingly, there was no change. Tuesday, I met my doctor and explain her my condition. To make sure, she asked me to do the blood test. And we will see the results next week.

There were a lot of trouble in the machine in my 7th week. We had to wait for several time and the worst was 1h30. Frankly, it was horrible. At the same time, I met many people. There were some patients who were patience and some patients were impatience (perhaps, because they were tired). Usually, I did not speak too much to other patients because my French was bad. What I did was listening to their conversation and trying to understand. I was afraid to interrupt their conversation and to join them with my bad French. But at that day (Wednesday) an old woman (who has similar schedule like mine) asked me to speak. She had a tumor near her eyes. She spoke about her disease and life. 

Until that day, I thought that I was the youngest patience. Apparently I was, until there was a 3-years-old kid who came to the tomotherapy room with wheel chair. He came with his mother and a nurse. He was bald and very thin. Believe it or not, He had got a tumor in his head, like me. In my case, I was operated and then was treated with the ray. In his case, he was treated with the ray. After the radiotheraphy, the doctor will decide whether he would be operated or not. The treatment time for him arrived. While waiting her little boy, the mom spoke to the patients. She spoke very fast and one question that I understood the meaning was "why do you have the hairs while doing the treatment?". Didn't she see me?. I was bald, no hair. Maybe, she knew that I am foreigner and she thought that I couldn't speak French (I couldn't). In my opinion, the question was normal for her as a mother. All the people at the waiting room shared their empathy to each others. Unfortunately, the machine went down when he was on the machine. How poor the little kid!. Ten minutes after, the machine re-worked and he passed the treatment at the day. He came out from the room in sleeping condition. The old woman next to me asked the nurse why he slept. The nurse said that, he was injected with local anesthetic in order to make him sleep and did not move during the treatment. What a sad!!!....Thanks to the nurses who gave us some drink and snack while waiting.

There was nothing special on Friday and there was no late on the treatment. Having finished the treatment, the nurse gave me the schedule for the next week. At the moment, I was surprised why the schedule ended at Thursday. But suddenly I figured out the answer, next week would be my last week of radiotheraphy!....

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