Saturday, July 5, 2014

Radiotheraphy week4#

I started my week by greeting "welcome" to the 4th week of the treatment. I did not believe that I had already passed my first three weeks. If you ask me, was it boring to do the radiotherapy? what did I do for the daily life?. I will say, yes, it was really boring because I had to go to hospital everyday to spend 30 min or even more to do the treatment. When I arrived at home, I felt very tired as the same as I had worked all day long. The doctor suggested my to do some activities to fill my time. I had tried to fight the tiring, sometime it worked and sometime it did not. When I did not succeed on it, I would directly take a nap and I would stay alive on the night. The activities I did during the treatment were cooking, going to the city center, reading the gift books, watching movie, or sleeping. Courage!!!.

On Monday, I found that my weight was the same as the previous week. I was surprised because I thought that I would loose more weight due to the fever. Such a good news, I told to myself. BUT, I also found that I could not taste anything, sweet, salty, acid or even spicy. The salt, sugar, lemon and chili were even tasteless. Every food was tasteless and sometime bitter to eat. Strange....

On Tuesday, the doctor said that it was also one of the side effects. Aie Aie Aie (like the French people said when something bad happened). I have lose my appetite and now I even lose my sense of tasting. So what should I do???.

Having just known that, I did not wanna eat. I only ate once a day and drank the food supplement. I knew that it was bad. After that, I never cooked anymore, I was afraid of doing that.

What do you have in mind when you hear about chemotheraphy or radiotheraphy?. YES, loosing hair. I didn't see such effect on my first three weeks. But, I did on my fourth week. Imagine, when you scratch your head and you find that some of your hair fall. I was really panic at the toilet at Thursday morning. So, at the night, I asked the help from Romain to cut my hair. For sure, it was funny when we did the "experiment" on my hairs.

In the same week, I had got the news from my University in Indonesia that asked me to go back to Indonesia for professional reason. That was not FAIR. First, it was high season (Christmas vacation), so the ticket was very high. SECOND, I came back to my country, but I could not taste the tasty delicious Indonesian culinaries!!!!!!!.....

Radiotheraphy week 3#

It has been a long time I did not write any blog. I decided to continue my blog on my days during the radiotherapy first. In fact, I almost forget the detail and unfortunately, I record the general things on my book.
The previous week was ended by the Christmas party at Indonesian embassy in Marseille. I hope that by eating so many food, I will gain my weight.

On Monday, with a big confidence, I went to the hospital and was sure that my weight would be at least stable or even increased. When I entered the tomotherapy room, I was welcomed with the other warm "bonjour" from another group of nurses. And, here we came. I went to the balance and see the number marked on it. No, I lose my weight. I was 68 kg. Disappointedly, I started my tomotherapy while listening the song from Olivia Ruiz.

The following day, the tomotheraphy went on as usual. After the treatment I have the consultation with my doctor. I told her that I lose my weight, I felt tired easily, I vomited, I had the headache. She told me that such effects were normal and encouraged me. She said that I should loose any weight more, so she gave again the prescription for the protein-riched-drink. I replied, ok, i'll try and see you next week.

When passing the rest of the day, my condition was getting worst. First, I was very tired and I've got the fever (I did not know whether it was because of the treatment or the climate as it was winter). Second, I also lose my appetite. I only ate twice a day with 1/4 (even less) of my normal plate. The following day, I found that I lose my sense on my tongue. At the time, perhaps it was due to the fever. In my mind, it was normal when people got fever.

(No correlation with the treatment) At the last day of the week. It was 13-12-13. I had just realized that it has been one year I stayed in France. The time passes very fast. More, at 12h13 (I exactly remembered the time). At the entrance gate of Hôpital Nord, I told my story to my friend Romain de Carvalho. Thanks for listening.