Saturday, July 26, 2014

Three simple, important and mostly ignored by people

Hi guys..... travelling around the world is one of most of people's dreams. To visit new places (cities and countries), to learn the culture, to meet people, to try various typical foods and of course to take selfie photos on the landmark of a place have become precious and priceless experiences for some people. To achieve such dreams one simple key to open the golden gate is language. At least, you could speak English. When you are able to use English in your daily activities, the gate will be widely opened. You could learn any other languages if you want. The more languages you know, the more benefits you will get. For examples in the professional life, social network, personal relationship, etc.

A friend of mine told me that when we master three United Nation languages (let's say, English, French and Spanish), the "visa" of the world is in our hand. It is not the absolute requirements to discover the world. As I told you before, English is more than enough. But, in my opinion, there is unwritten ethic whenever we visit a new country. 

What is that?..... We should be able to speak these three important words on their own language. There are "thank you", "please" and "sorry". Although you use English as your main language, you should say these three words on the local language in order to respect the interlocutors. Your interlocutors will more appreciate you as you have tried to speak at their language, although in fact you couldn't. Let me give you an example in French (A would like to ask the direction to B in the road):
       A   : Excusez-moi... (Excuse me)
       B   : Oui, je peux vous aider? ... (Yes, can i help you?)
       A   : Could you  tell me how to go to the train station, s'il vous plaît (please)
       B   : Train station .... bla bla bla.... (showing the directions).
       A   : Merci beaucoup (thank you very much).
From my own  experiences (in the case of trip to several cities in France, Spain and Italy),  when we start a conversation with the unknown people in our trip (asking direction for example) with "excuse me" instead of "excusez-moi", I have found that 4 peoples directly said "I don't speak English" and go. The situation was different when I started with  "excusez-moi".  
The next one, when you ask for a help, you should use the word "please" or "s'il vous plaît" should be better. When I used this powerful word, the people whom I asked gave their best efforts to explain me in English (even they don't speak English well). You will see another power of this word later. They were only several cases and of course we could not generalize them to all cases. Again, it should be better to do so.....

In this post, I will show you how to say the three words in various languages and also some experiences behind those words. 

Thank you

I have read one real story from a book about Indonesian student in US. The general story: On the way back home to Indonesia, He has lost his connecting flight due to the technical problem coming from the airline. The airline employee at the gate seemed did not want to help him. He was hopeless at the time and suddenly one officer with Asian face come and he explained the condition to the officer and at the end he spontaneously said "arigatou gozaimasu, thank you in Japanese". Having waited, the officer told him that he could use the next flight tomorrow and the next connecting flights had been arranged. The student really thanked to the officer. The following day, the student was surprised. Before boarding to the airplane, the officer came and checked whether everything  was fine to the student. Again, the student showed his deep thanks to the officer. Surprisingly, the officer said "We are Asian, we should help each other). Perhaps, it was because the word "arigatou gozaimasu"


When I studied French in Indonesia before leaving to France, I found some photos with the same meaning: 

French version

Spanish version

At the time, I thought that it was joke. In fact, I have found three cafes in Marseille, France with the similar board in front of the cafe. Such a powerful word!!!.... Here I show you "please" in various languages.

In my opinion, "sorry" is a simple word and the most difficult word to say, do you agree?. Well, I don't have any special story behind this word. But, I am sure that life will full of peace if everybody forgive each others for the mistakes they have done. Here is a video about the word "sorry":

The three words are not just useful when we travel, but also in our daily life. The seemed simple but they have, let's say, big impacts. This is a simple way to respect others. Last but not least, let's us respect ourselves by using the words "thank you", "please" and "sorry" in our daily conversations!!!......

Here I also upload the video about the words:

Happy Birthday

What are your the important words in your life???