Friday, July 18, 2014

Radiotheraphy week 8#

It was my last week of treatment. I was happy as everything will finish. Pleasingly, my weight increased 1 kg, not bad. But still, I lose my appetite, I lose the sense of taste and I had got some headache, I did not vomit, I felt less tired. With those reports, I had a consultation with my doctor at the following day. She even did not realize that that week was my last week. Perhaps, she hoped that I will stay longer (hahaha). She explained me that everything will become normal soon. So what I could do was being patience and trying to increase my weight. The next consultation would be on March 2014 and then it would be every 6 months. 

Finally, the last day had come. There was no late. One side, I was happy and another side I was not happy to say goodbye. The hospital and the nurses were very kind, nice and warm to me. Like a coin, there will be the end if there is the beginning. At the end of the treatment, the nurses said that I was cooperative and didn't complain too much. I said in my mind that it was because I couldn't speak French to response their questions. I didn't forget to say thank to the nurses (who kindly helped me and gave their smile during the treatment), secretariats (who always greet me with warm bonjour) and also my taxy driver Eddie (who was very kind). Last, I leave the hospital by saying au revoir!!!.....

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