Sunday, December 15, 2013

Radiotheraphy week #2

With some medicines (for the vomit, headache and sleeping) in my hand i started my 2nd week. I only took 1 pil for vomit at the morning of the 6th day. It worked, i did not want to vomit. Then, i decided to not taking the other pils. Frankly, i was afraid of them. 

I forgot to tell you how i go to the hospital from my house. Well, in France in such situation (i am not clear enough) like radiotherapy, the people with assurance might use taxi or ambulance to go to the hospital. Let me introduce the driver, He is Marc. He could speak French, English and Spanish. He has a big car and he drive fast. Those what i like from him. 

As usual, Marc brought me to the hospital. I went to the Tomotherapy room and it was marked 5 minutes of delay. I waited outside until the nurses called me. The team changed with the other 3 girls and Pascal inside. They record my weight again and i had 72 kg. Oh my, i have lost 3 kg in a week. But i was happy. Because of that, the mask fitted me better. Perhaps the size of my head was smaller. I did the treatment as usual for the 6th day until the 10th day. 

At the 6th day, i tried to do the sport. I would like to go to the university. Such a coincidence, there was no bus (well, i have to say that Marseille, France is notorious with its transportation). So i decided to took the bicycle. I hoped that my sleep behavior changed, but it did not change.
Sometimes i had got a headache and vomit. 

At the 7th day after the treatment, i met my doctor. She asked me about my impression on the treatment and whether everything is fine. I answered her questions and explained my condition. She explained me as the intern explained to me last week and it was normal. She suggest me to keep my weight stable. So she gave me a prescription for the food supplement. 

The 2nd week moved fast. I started to loose my appetite. In addition, my throat was sick and it was hard to swallow. And believe it or not, i wanted to eat various tasty Indonesian food. My dreams came true. There was a christmas party at the Indonesian Embassy on Marseille at 7th of December 2013 (it was quite strange). I ate many foods without considering that my throat was sick. Bon Appetite!!!!......

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